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Subject:[FanFic] King and Queen of Tennis Chapter Five
Time:03:35 pm
TITLE: King and Queen of Tennis


WARNING: slight OOC ness

STATUS: in progress


PAIRINGS: Atobe Keigo x OC

SUMMARY: Fifth time that they met, it was the Graduates Prom of the men’s junior high tennis club in Japan. She came as a partner of her friend Fuji. He came to attend the prom as a senior.

A/N: I dont own POT!

KC checked her reflection in her long mirror. Today is the day that she will be putting their plan in action. They? Yes it’s they, her and Fuji. She and her team are actually not part of the program today; but because it seems that everyone in her team had acquired a partner from the men’s team, they were extended an invitation from the chairman of the men’s tennis tournament. She checked for the nth time that day her looks. Her hair held into a bun by a white gold silver head dress. She wears a light purple silk gown in a haltered cut with a low back design, her dress being accentuated by small Swarovski crystals. Her footwear is a glass closed shoe with a 3inch heels. Her neck and ears are adored by an amethyst set of jewelry. And as a finale, her face is adorned by a light make up.

“KC, he’s here.” Her sister Yuki said when she entered her room. “Wow! You look like a princess in your dress Sis.” Yuki commented when she checked her out.

“Oh come on nee – chan! As if you’re not stunning in your dress as well.” KC picked her pouch and headed out of the door passing her sister. “Got to go. Someone is waiting for me already. See you later.”
“Hey! Still pretty as ever.” Fuji greeted her once she stepped out of the door. “Ready for tonight?” He asked as he held out his hand.

“Yeah.” KC nodded and took Fuji’s extended hand. “You look handsome as well. Are you sure that you’re up to this?”

“Yup. Let’s go. Nee – chan is waiting in the car with Yuuta.”
The gymnasium of Hyotei Gakuen was decorated with red, pink and white motifs. Some heart shaped decors hang from each side of the gym. And slowly, some guests are starting to arrive at the venue. Today is the day that the men’s junior high tennis team will have their Valentine’s ball for that year. They were given the liberty to bring a partner.
“Sugoi! I’m excited for this!” Jirou smiled as he overlooked the venue from a table near the make shift stage.

“Wow. This is the only time that I saw Jirou – senpai this awake.” Wakashi commented as they saw the usually sleeping volleyist this awake. Jirou pouted upon hearing this causing the whole team to laugh.
“We’re here.” Fuji announced as their car stopped in front of the gym. He slipped out first then offered his hand to KC. “Let’s go?” He asked once they were out of the car.

“Yes. Let’s go.” KC held to his arm as they walked inside placing her most sincere smile as they entered the building.
Shishido was the first who noticed Fuji and KC arrived. “Hey, looks like something is happening between them already.”

Atobe and the others turned their attention to the new comer and Atobe immediately frowned when he saw them. Oshitari turned to their buchou once he saw the couple arrive and noticed the frown on Atobe’s face.

“Why don’t you clarify things with her so that you’re not confused?” Oshitari whispered to Atobe.

“What are you pointing at Oshitari?” Atobe asked as he crossed his arms and leaned back on his chair trying to look composed despite of the turmoil that he is feeling.

“Come on Atobe.” Oshitari also leaned on his chair as he started. “I can clearly see that you are getting irritated looking at them together.”

“Who is getting irritated at seeing who?” Gakuto asked as he overheard the conversation. This caused their whole team to look at Oshitari and Atobe, waiting for their reply. Atobe just remained silent while Oshitari smirked.

I guess I would need to do something about this. Oshitari thought as he looked from his friend then to the table where the couple is seated.
Throughout the ball, KC and Fuji were together. They danced to almost every song and went around greeting their acquaintances together. Almost everyone is already thinking that they are going out together and they did not deny or affirm the speculations about them. Atobe is aware of this all and choose to just stay at their table brooding and making himself drunk with the cocktail. He doesn’t know why he is so affected by the fact that KC is with Fuji and seems to be enjoying his company. Their team noticed this and chooses to just be quiet and let their buchou handle it. Oshitari, being the good friend that he is, decides to jump into action already.

Later that night, Oshitari approached the duo. “Hope you don’t mind if I talk to your partner first KC. I would just like to ask for his opinion on some things.” He asked while draping an arm around Fuji’s shoulder.

KC stared at Fuji straight in the eyes before nodding. “Sure, no problem. I’ll just be at the garden for fresh air.” She smiled then went out into the night.
Once KC was out of hearing range, Oshitari pulled his arm down and faced Fuji. “Now I want an honest answer.” Oshitari started. “What’s on between you two?”

“What are you talking about?” Fuji asked, keeping his smile on place. He already has an idea as to where this is getting to.

“Don’t play dumb on me Fuji. I know that you have an idea as to what I am talking about.” Oshitari countered while he turned to where KC just went out. Fuji just smiled knowingly at him and shrugged while he followed Oshitari’s gaze.
KC walked out to the garden with her head hung low. This is starting to be awful. She’s already tired of wearing that smile and acting like she is happy. All of the guests have already commented one way or the other about her and Fuji’s hidden affair but the person that she wants to see any reaction from is as stoic as ice.

“He is the worst!” KC grunted when she turned on a corner and leaned on the wall, her tears threatening to fall already.

“Had a fight with Fuji?” a voice asked from the shadows ahead of KC. She frowned. She knows that voice all too much. “A while ago you are smiling with him, and then now you’re out here almost ready to cry.” The person walked to her and placed his hands on either side of her head, perfectly capturing her.

“Atobe.” She called out to him, her voice full of anguish. She can feel his warmth and she can feel his breathing near her ears but she refused to look up, afraid that her eyes might betray her true feelings toward the captain.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me?” He asked brokenly while one of his hands tilted her face so that they can converse face to face.

“Gomen Keigo.” She whispered, their nose almost touching and their lips only inches apart. Atobe cannot hold himself any longer when he heard his name out of her lips. He dipped his head and kissed her lightly at first. KC was shocked for a second then started to respond to the kiss and she snaked her hand around his neck successfully pulling him down. The kiss was gentle at first then it turned to a passionate one.
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