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Subject:U~īkuendo - ai
Time:04:06 pm
TITLE: U~īkuendo - ai


WARNING:mature love but not to the extent of having a rated M

STATUS: in progress

CHARACTERS:Seigaku Casts 1 to 5, Hyoutei Cast 1


She’s a tourist when they met at a karaoke bar. He was with his friends. She was singing and he was captivated by her voice. Then they got into a worldwind romance.

A/N: Though it may seem that the main character is Kato Kazuki, I still can’t decide which character to use as a main character yet. I would need your input on this so comment your recommended pair to see a happy ending on Chapter seven.

I don’t own Tenimyu nor POT! I also do NOT own Dear Diary. It is from a long ago famous duo m2m.
Sunday! Nichiyōbi
I’m here at last! Sandy thought to herself as she entered the room that she reserved for this vacation. She just arrived a few minutes ago at the Narita International Airport and headed directly to her hotel. She just wants to deposit her luggage in her room and she is planning to head out to start her Japan adventure; after all, she was just allowed to have a leave from work for a week and she intends to spend it all visiting her dream places in Japan.

Hmm. What to wear? She mussed to herself as she opened her suite case. After a few minutes of picking and matching, she settled with a pink tank top, violet skater skirt, white cardigan, gladiator slippers and dark brown shades. All’s set! Japan here I come!

Her first stop in her itinerary is Akihabara Tokyo, the anime district, and started to buy each and every anime item that she wants to buy.

“Kenken look! That girl is really rich. Everything and I mean every anime stuff that took her interest, she immediately buy it.” Ruito commented to his friend when they noticed Sandy busy buying anime collectibles.

“Well, maybe she is just an anime lover.” Kenken replied looking at the said girl. They were in Akihabara because Ueshima – sensei asked them to visit the new building built for Prince of Tennis fans. There, they will be meeting with almost the entire previous cast of Tenimyu for a rest/break from their hectic schedules. “Come on, we need to go or else we don’t know what Ueshima – sensei will do to us.”


“It seems that you really love Prince of Tennis, young lady.” The sales lady of the store commented on Sandy. “Then you must check out the Tenipuri store in the next block. They have all the items about Prince of Tennis and Musical Prince of Tennis.”

“Really? They have that store now?” Sandy asked bewildered. The sales lady nodded. “Thank you! I’ll go check it now.”


Sandy walked to the building that the lady told her. This must be it. She thought as she read the name outside. The store was located in a three story building and the decoration outside tells that it focuses on the said anime. Sandy went inside and stared at awe at all the collectible items that she is seeing. Slowly, she started her shopping from one booth to another.


“Oi, Ruirui, she’s also here.” Kenken pointed out to his friend while they are seated with the other cast members on the indoor food court of the store. All the other cast members looked on the direction that the Shishido actor pointed and saw Sandy.

“You know her?” Takumi asked as they continued to stare at the said lady.

“Nope.” Ruito replied, earning a frown from the group. “We saw her outside shopping.”

“She’s a tourist.” Aiba commented while leaning on his chair. The others around raised their eyebrows urging him to continue his observation. “Well, you can tell that by looking at her. She has this aura saying that she is not from here.” He finished as they still silently observed her movements.


Sandy was already done paying her items and was already on her way to the nearby food court when her attention was caught by a group of girls in front if a karaoke machine. From what she heard and translated from one of the girls, if one of them got a perfect score in this singing competition, they would get the limited item DVD that features all the cast of Tenimyu, the only DVD that she don’t have right now and she is trying to get hold of since she first watched the musical. She has tried her best to look for this DVD over the internet and blogs but she wasn’t able to find it. Upon learning what the price is, her competitive side perked up and is itching to get a hold of the microphone to try her luck. She decided to sit on a nearby bench and watch the group sing while drinking a bottle of water and resting. Once the group was done, the owner of the booth searched the area and his gaze stooped on Sandy.

“Konnichiwa!” He greeted as he stood beside the table that Sandy is occupying. Sandy looked up at him, curiosity showing in her eyes. “Maybe you want to try singing as well?” He inquired while handing the microphone to Sandy.


“It seems that Yuusuke – kun would like her to try that singing booth.” Kimeru said as the first cast Seigaku members joined the 2nd cast Seigaku and 1st cast Hyotei in the table.

“I wonder how she will react to this.” Tuti replied as they continue to watch the two.


“Eh?” Sandy blinked and stared at the guy in front of him. “You are Arai Yuusuke right? The 5th cast Inui?” She asked in English.

“So you watch Tenimyu.” Yuusuke smiled at her and assisted her up and in front of the screen. “That’s good to hear.” He continued as he gave her the microphone and he went to the machine to punch a song. “The song is in English, so good luck!”

Sandy looked at the microphone in her hands and to the screen before looking at Yuusuke. “Uh. Thanks I guess.” She muttered shyly before shifting her gaze back to the screen to read the title of the song. The screen displayed a song in English titled ‘Dear Diary by M2M’. Sandy smiled in recognition and waited for the song to start.


“Yuusuke – kun, what song did you chose for her?” Takigawa asked as the said guy moved closer to their table.

“An English song titled Dear Diary because she’s an English girl.”

“I wonder if she is good.” Kazuki commented while leaning on the table to get a good view of the lady.

Everyone on their table was silent when the song started.

Dear Diary,
Something good happened today
He finally called me by my name
I didn't know how to behave
What to say or do
I was so confused

Sandy diverted her eyes from the screen to check her surroundings to see who are listening and her eyes saw the group near her. She almost dropped the microphone when she noticed that it was the 1st and 2nd cast Seigaku with 1st cast Hyotei. Lucky for her, her voice did not waiver when she noticed them.

“She’s good. She is still composed even if she was shocked when she saw us. “ Shirota commented when they noticed that she was looking at her.

Dear Diary,
I wanna talk to him again
But whenever he is with his friends
He keeps trying to pretend
But I already see
The way he feels for me

Sandy slowly diverted her eyes from the group and smiled. She did not notice that Kazuki pulled out his phone and started to video her.

What can I do?
Tell me what can I say
When do I let him know I feel the same way?
How can my feelings be so hard to show when
I really want him to know
She slowly tears her eyes away from the screen and noticed that phone pointed at her.

“I think Kazuki is interested in her.” Zukki commented when they saw the said J pop singer recording the song.

“Maybe.” Adachi supplied for the group as they continued to listen to the song.


A few more minutes later, Sandy had finished her song and her score was a perfect 100. Yuusuke handed her the DVD and she went off after she had Yuusuke’s autograph. Once she turned her back on the group, Kazuki pulled away his phone and stared at her retreating back.

“So someone seems interested on the mysterious lady.” Aiba started to tease his friend and everyone followed through. Kazuki just smiled and ride on with their jokes.
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