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Subject:The King and Queen of Tennis - Chapter Six
Time:12:34 pm
TITLE: The King and Queen of Tennis


WARNING: slight OOC-ness

STATUS: complete



SUMMARY: The first time that they met was in the Nationals Finals. She was watching the team of her grandmother. He was watching the game of his rival. The second time that they met it was at the Seigaku Party. She was invited by her grandma. He was invited by his rival Tezuka. Third time that they met it was during the Women’s Junior High Nationals Finals. She played for her team in Singles 1. He watched the game with some of the members of the men’s junior high tennis team. The fourth time that they met it was on U-17 camp. She was invited by the coaches to have a surprise match with the first tiers. He was a participant on the camp. Fifth time that they met, it was the Graduates Prom of the men’s junior high tennis club in Japan. She came as a partner of her friend Fuji. He came to attend the prom as a senior. Sixth time that they met it was already the graduation party held at his house. She came because he invited her. He invited her because he is attracted to her. On that night, he confessed to her. Though she is hesitant, at last they were together.

A/N: I don’t own Prince of Tennis but the female characters specifically the ones from Sakura Gakuen are mine. The plot is mine too. And because this is the last chapter, this will be LONG. ^-^

Chapter Six::: Graduation Party

“Ohayou.” KC greeted sleepily as she entered their dining room. Her parents and sister are already at the table taking their breakfast.

“Ohayou” Her mother greeted back as she sipped her tea. “How was the ball?”

“KC got herself a boyfriend!” Yuki grinned while she stared at her younger sister. She saw how her sister blushed at the word boyfriend while taking her seat at the table.

“Is that true KC?” their father asked his youngest daughter.

“Nee-chan is just bluffing Dad.” KC denied earning a questioning look from their parents. She sighed, “Fine. We shared a kiss last night. But that’s all.” She averted her eyes down to her food. “He did not ask me to be his girlfriend. And we did not even say good bye to each other.”


“Atobe? Are you alright?” Oshitari asked their Buchou during one of their afternoon practice three weeks after the ball. They oftentimes catch their captain so deep in his thoughts, sometimes smiling but sometimes frowning. They are slowly wondering if their captain had gone mad already.

“Ore – sama is definitely fine. What made you think otherwise?” Atobe answered as he stared hard at his team.

“Well, you are losing focus ever since the ball.” Shishido countered.

“Someone can’t take his mind off the kiss.” Oshitari teased and the group laughed at this. “You should pay her a visit and clarify it with her. Or you might just loose her forever.”


It had been over three months already since that night, but KC still did not hear anything from Atobe. She understood that he is busy himself being the captain of the tennis team, council president and senior student but that does not excuse him from anything. A simple text or email will not cost you the whole day to send, so it is but just that she is feeling a bit mad at him.

To keep her mind away from this, she accepted the invitation from one of her teammates and classmate to try the newly opened café after classes that day. When they arrived at the café, she noticed that a group of boys were waiting for them. As it turned out, one of the boys is a cousin of her teammate and it was somewhat like a surprise group date for them. She chose a seat beside the window so that she can just direct her attention to the Sakura trees instead of the boys with them. As time goes by slowly, she starts to regret agreeing to come with her teammates.


“Come on guys! That café just opened. If we don’t hurry up, it might be jam packed already.” Gakuto whined as they walk towards the said café. All of them agreed to try the new café just out of curiosity. And somehow, Atobe decided to join them and walk with them to the café.

“Atobe, are you sure you’re up to this?” Oshitari asked his close friend.

“Absolutely ahn. Now come on.”

Once they arrived at the café, a waitress showed them to their seats. As they passed the foyer that overlooks the Sakura trees, they noticed that Atobe stopped short on his tracks.

“Atobe?” Jirou asked but the said teen did not respond to them but just stared ahead. They followed his gaze and saw the reason for his reaction. KC was seated with some of her teammates and a guy was seated beside her obviously trying everything to get the teen to talk. And out of good manners, KC tried to listen to anything that the guy is saying. They saw how their Buchou frowns and Oshitari decided to handle the matter on hand.

“Let’s take our seats now.” Oshitari said as he started to their table, but before they can move, KC had already seen them.

I guess he is not that busy to be able to go here. KC thought to herself as she stared blankly at Atobe. Once she saw them sat at their table, she got up from their table, bade good bye to her companions and slowly left the café to head home.


“Tadaima!” KC announced nonchalantly as she entered their house. She went to give respect to her parents then walked apathetically up to shut herself on her room.

“Something’s wrong with her dear.” Her mother told her husband warily once KC was out of sight.

“Let her deal with it.” Her father stared at the stairs she just walked up to. “We will intercede when the right time comes.” She nodded hesitantly, knowing that her husband knows what to do.


KC lies on her bed and stared at the ceiling for quite some time trying to assess her feelings. The memories of that night in the garden flooded her mind and she slowly touched her lips. Damn! Why am I feeling like this?!She turned over on her bed and tried to sleep.


Atobe stomped towards his own room. Once he was comfortably lying on his bed, he can’t help but remember what he saw earlier. His gaze landed on the box that rests on his table and he reached for it lazily. He stared at it for a long time hesitating if it is still worth it. Maybe he is just wasting his time and maybe she already has someone else making her happy. He switched his gaze to the ceiling and waited for sleep to lull him to dreamland.


A few months had gone by, and it was the month of graduation already. During those months, unknown to both of them, their friends were concerned with both of them and are collaborating with each other to help.

“Are you sure about it Fuji?” Oshitari asked seriously as they conversed.
They, the whole Hyotei Gakuen tennis club and Sakura Gakuen tennis club members, are present at the Oshitari residence talking over the preparations. They had called Fuji to join to clarify the relation between him and KC.

“Hai. She was actually mad at him because he is not showing any affection for her.”

”But he kissed her right?” Aya asked while looking at Yuki.

“Yeah. But apparently after the kiss, he did not contact her in any chance.” Yuki answered.

“I have an idea!” Fuji exclaimed.


“Tadaima!” Yuki greeted once she stepped on their threshold.

“Okaeri Yuki!” her parents greeted her as she sat on the sofa with her family.

“Nee-chan,” KC called while handing her sister a slice of cake.

“Arigatou!” Yuki took one spoon of the cake then faced her parents. “Okaa-san, Otou-san, we were invited again for the graduation party of Hyotei.” She pulled from her bag the invitation for the party and handed it to their parents. She saw how her sister jerked up upon hearing the name of the school. She secretly smiled once she noticed the reaction from her sister.

“Souka.” Their father hummed. “Well then, you can both go.” Glancing at their daughters, he handed the invitation to his wife.

“It says here that you need to notify them if you are going to attend the party.” Their mother said, catching their attention. “Go ahead KC dear, call Atobe – kun and tell him that you and your sister will be attending his party.”

“A-re? Watashi? But nee-chan can call him.” KC refused while trying to look calmly at her family.

“Nope Krys. You call him tonight. Your sister still needs to prepare for the graduation tomorrow.” Their mother stated, calling her by her nickname while handing her the invitation with Atobe’s number on it.


KC stared at her phone and the invitation. Do I really need to do this? KC thought for the nth time that night. Since her sister arrived and told them about the party, she became nervous. And now, her mother asked her to call the young heir to confirm her attendance. It’s now or never. Okaa-san will definitely be upset with me if I don’t follow her orders. She sighed and dialed the number on the invitation.


Shock was an understatement when Atobe saw the name of the person calling him. KC! He was just thinking about her a few minutes ago. He was just praying that she would attend the graduation party that he planned. And now, the person that he is thinking for quite some time is calling him.

“Atobe here.” He answered while trying to calm his nerves.

“Atobe – kun, it’s KC.”

“KC,” he breathed, trying all his might not to sound too nervous over the phone. “How can I help you?”

“Um, nothing. Sorry for calling this late at night. I just called in to say that we are attending your party.”

“I see. I’ll be anticipating your presence there then.” Atobe smiled inwardly while thanking the gods for his luck.

“Yeah. Um, bye now.”


The day of the party arrived. KC just settled on wearing a green apple colored dress with white gold accessories. She and her sister were fetched by a driver of the Atobe’s. After a few minutes ride in silence, they arrived at the Atobe estate. Once they arrived at the venue, her sister said that she needs to go to the restroom, leaving her staring at the eerie hallway. From the corner of the hallway, a maid approached her and led her to venue. Once left again in front of the hall, she pushed the door open and slowly entered.

“A-re? No body’s here yet?” She slowly made her way inside. “Where the heck are Yuki and the others? I thought they will be here ahead of us.” This cold and dim room is slowly creeping her.

“You?” A voice echoed on the hall. KC squinted her eyes and saw a silhouette approaching her. “Relax, its me.”

“Atobe?” She asked once the young heir is standing in front of her. She can smell his scent even in their distance and the night of their kiss slipped on her mind again.

“Why are you alone?” Atobe took a quick survey at the hall. “Where are the others?” KC shrugged in negative and he slowly tried the door. “It’s locked. It seems that we are trapped in here and my team is the ones responsible.”

“Nani?” KC looks at the door then to Atobe. “I guess my team also had a hand on this. But why would they do this?”

“To give us a chance to talk to each other.” Atobe replied as he walked towards KC. When KC noticed that he was approaching her, she slowly inched her way back until she hit the cold wall. “You look happy with that guy at the café.”

“I wasn’t!” She was shocked at herself when she actually yelled at him. “I wasn’t. I was sad that day and am trying to cheer myself.” She whispered. “But you! You yourself were not busy. But then again you did not send me any message or calls at all.” She accused back, looking at him with raging eyes.

“I –,” Atobe was taken back with the accusation before realization hit him. “Were you waiting for me?”

“I hate you!” She ran past him towards the door but he was able to grab her wrist, pin her to the wall and kiss her lips shut. She struggle against the kiss but Atobe was stronger so she just allowed him to kiss her and she responded. After a while, Atobe broke the kiss and brought his hand to caress her cheeks.

“Gomen.” Atobe whispered while looking at her straight in the eyes. “This is new to me and I don’t know what to do. I know that I like you. Love I guess. I am jealous of Fuji yet I don’t know how to approach you. I – I don’t want to loss you anymore. I – I” He was cut off when her lips sealed his to shut him off.

“I love you too Keigo.” She whispered back after the kiss. “There is absolutely nothing going on between Fuji and me. And I love you from the start.”

“Does that mean that you - we.,” Atobe stuttered and KC smiled at him then pulled his head down for a kiss. That was when the lights immediately went on and they heard cheers from the room successfully pulling them apart.

“At last!” They heard someone said from their visitors and friends. KC hid her blushing face on Atobe’s chest and Atobe hugged her protectively.

“Let’s start the party then!”

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