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Subject:[FanFic] U~īkuendo - ai : Getsuyōbi
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U~īkuendo - ai


WARNING: mature love but not to the extent of having a rated M

STATUS: in progress

CHARACTERS: Seigaku Casts 1 to 5, Hyoutei Cast 1


SUMMARY: She’s a tourist when they met at a karaoke bar. He was with his friends. She was singing and he was captivated by her voice. Then they got into a worldwind romance.

A/N: Though it may seem that the main character is Kato Kazuki, I still can’t decide which character to use as a main character yet. I would need your input on this so comment your recommended pair to see a happy ending on Chapter seven.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Tenimyu nor POT! I also do NOT own Dear Diary. It is from a long ago famous duo m2m.



The next day, Sandy woke up quite early. Her body clock hasn’t been able to adjust yet to the time in Japan. Might as well do some exercise and tennis. She thought as she yawned and got off from bed. She took a quick bath and decided to wear a black training shirt, a pair of jogging pants and her pair of violet tennis shoes. After getting her newly bought tennis bag and rackets, she slipped on her phone and earphones and went down to the reception area.

“Ohayōgozaimasu!” She greeted the receptionist at the table. “Do you know of a near tennis court?”

“Yes, I know. It is a few blocks from here. Walk straight for 5 blocks from here. Then turn left and walk another 3 blocks. It is an indoor tennis court. There is just a fee there per hour.” The lady said as she wrote down a sketch of the direction and the name of the facility.

“Arigatou!” Sandy bowed and took the paper and went out. Deciding against using a taxi to go to the facility, she just opted to jog to warm up her body for the training later on.


“Ohayōgozaimasu!” Sandy greeted an old man when she entered the covered court. “I’d like to train for 2 hours.”

“No problem. You can use court C. We have a promo today. You can use the court for 2 hours for a discounted price of 1000yen.” The old man explained while he wrote something on the paper. “Just fill this up and once you’re done, you can go to the court.”

Sandy took the paper and fill up some information before turning to the man handing the paper back. “Here you go Sir.”

“Do you want to have a playmate? I can ask someone once they got here to play with you.” The man asked after reading the information on the paper. “You’re a foreigner?”

“Hai.” She smiled at the man. “Yes please. If someone likes to have a light rally I can play with them.”

“Understood. I’ll just tell them later.” Sandy bid goodbye to the man and went to look for court C.


Sandy was just done hitting the tennis balls from the machine and is currently in the middle of a light rally against the wall when she heard the metal gate to the court open. She catches the ball before turning to acknowledge the new comer.

“Ohayōgozaimasu!” She greeted when she turned around to the newcomer.

“Ohayo!” Came the reply. Sandy raised her eyebrow when she noticed the newcomer… or rather the newcomers.

“It’s you again.” Nagayan exclaimed when they saw her. He together with some of the 1st cast Seigaku and Ueshima – sensei decided to have a little match that morning for old time’s sake but when they heard that someone is already there looking for a play partner, they decided to use this opportunity to warm up.

“We met again” Sandy smiled as she bowed slightly at them. “I thought the owner said that he will send in someone who wants to have a light rally against me.”

“Yes, he said the same thing to us.” Moriyama answered for the group. “That’s why we are here.”

“I see.” She nodded. “So who’s going to play against me?” She asked back while looking at the group one by one, her tennis racket on her left hand.

“I will.” Tuti answered with a smile as he stepped forward.

“Fine with me then. Let’s get started.” She smiled back and went to the other end of the court. Tuti and the others went to sit on the bleachers. After getting his racket, Tuti went back to his side of the court.

“Light rally?” He asked. Sandy just nodded at him from the other side. “Alright. I’ll let you serve first.” Sandy smiled and served the first serve for their game.


“Both of them are good.” Abe commented while they continue to watch the game for quite some time now.

“Are you sure that this is just a light rally?” Sota asked the group. “They were playing for 30minutes now and no one shows any sign of giving up.”

“She even managed to get Tuti to sweat a lot.” Yanagi commented as well as they stare at Tuti running on the court.

“She’s good, don’t you think?” Kimeru asked as he stared at her on the other side of the net.

“That pose?!” Takigawa’s eyes widen as he stared at Sandy, making everyone including Ueshima – sensei to look at the said player. Said player have her racket on her left hand, striking a pose similar to the one Tezuka uses when he shots the Zero Shiki Drop Shot. Tuti’s eyes widen as he run towards the net but he still wasn’t able to reach in time before the ball landed and rolled backwards. The court fell into an eerie silence after she hit the drop shot. Everyone was still too dumbfounded when they saw the execution of the shot in front of their eyes. Tuti was panting hard as he tried to calm down his breathing and Sandy exhaled slowly, trying to calm down as well.

“That game was surely good.” She commented after calming herself. She went to the net and offered her hand for a shake to Tuti. Tuti got up and went to the net and accepted the hand shake.

“Yes indeed.” Tuti smiled as she shook her hand. “Great game!”

“You are a good player. I wonder, if everyone from the Tenimyu cast plays this good.” She said conversationally as they headed to the bleachers where their things are.

“Thanks for the complement.” Tuti nodded before taking the water bottle that Nagayan handed to him then turned to her. “The others also knows how to play, besides, we had a tennis training camp before we practiced for the Myu.”

“I see.” She smiled and placed her bag on her right shoulder before taking a sip on her water bottle and starting to head off. “Nice to see you again.” She bowed once she was in front of the group. After bowing to the group, she headed out of the court but someone stopped her in her tracks.

“You’re right handed, correct?”

She spun around and came face to face to Ueshima – sensei. “You’ve seen through me Sensei.” She smiled and bowed. “I need to go off. See you sometime again.” Without another backward glance, she left the court.


“You mean to say Sensei, she is really right handed but she played good with her left hand.” Naoya frowned addressing the director. The director only nodded his answer and went to get his racket.

“But she is really something.” Kimeru commented with a smile similar to Fuji’s, effectively emitting a dark aura that made his friends shiver.

“I wonder if we will meet her again.” Takigawa glanced at the gate that Sandy went to before retrieving his own racket.

“Someone is curious and infatuated.” Moriyama teased no one in particular earning him a glare from some of his friends.
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