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Subject:[FanFic] U~īkuendo - ai : Kayōbi
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U~īkuendo - ai


WARNING: mature love but not to the extent of having a rated M

STATUS: in progress

CHARACTERS: Seigaku Casts 1 to 5, Hyoutei Cast 1


SUMMARY: She’s a tourist when they met at a karaoke bar. He was with his friends. She was singing and he was captivated by her voice. Then they got into a worldwind romance.

A/N: Though it may seem that the main character is Kato Kazuki, I still can’t decide which character to use as a main character yet. I would need your input on this so comment your recommended pair to see a happy ending on Chapter seven. I kinda got the idea of this chapter from Anything For You by Snooperj. You guys should try to read it. ^-^

Disclaimer: I don’t own Tenimyu nor POT! I also do NOT own Dear Diary. It is from a long ago famous duo m2m.



It was the third day of her Japan adventure. She was already done with her shopping during her first day and food hopping on her second day. Her itineraries for today is to go on site seeing in a famous mountain then try an onsen in the afternoon.

You got game?
Donna speed no naka mo
Toki ha kawaranai rhythm wo kizande
Drive my heart!
Tatoe tooku hanarete ite mo
Minna onaji sora no shita irukara

What time is it? Sandy thought as she felt for her phone on the bed. Once she got hold of her phone, she turned off the alarm and checked the time. 4:30am. She looked from her phone then to the window outside. It is still dark outside. Well, I need to get up or else I’ll arrive there by lunch. She slowly got up and went to do her hygiene morning routines before deciding to wear a blue baby T – shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. Once she was ready, she dragged her bag and rode the rented car for her trip.

On her entire trip, she was thankful that she brought her camera along and that the car has its own GPS. She made a couple of stops just to take pictures of the scenery and admire the beauty that Japan has. According to the GPS, her trip would be over by 3 hours, but because of those short stop overs, her trip lasted for 5 hours. She checked in at a local hotel and decided to have an early lunch then get going to capture more shots of the scenery for her trip. After her little tour around, she went to try the onsen at the hotel.
Will I be able to be lucky again to see him? She asked herself as she soaked herself wet in the hot spring, her mind going to a certain person that she had met on her 1st day in Japan.

After leisurely taking her time in the onsen, she got out and went to change to a more comfortable outfit and went to take an early dinner before heading out again to a certain destination by car.


“Come on guys, we need to show our support to Kimeru!” Yanagi called in to the group once they arrived at the venue. He, with some of the Tenimyu cast from 1st generation down to 5th generation and 1st cast Hyotei, were present at this event. It was one of those moments that everyone was gathered, even their director Ueshima – sensei.

“Yanagi sit down! You might fall!” Endo bellowed as he pulled the said actor down to the bench. Yanagi just pouted and raised the banner that they brought to cheer for Kimeru.

“Who will he be against with today?” Zukki asked the group gathered.

“Unknown.” Sota answered resulting to the group turning their heads to him to question him further. He was about to answer when they heard the roar of a familiar engine.

“Kimeru’s here.” Daisuke announced to the group as they stare at the black sleek racing car pulling to a stop at the starting line of the road. Just as he stopped before the starting line, another roar of an engine was heard as it arrived on everyone’s line of sight. Everyone’s attention was on to it as it slowly made its way beside Kimeru’s car.

“Wow. That’s something. Black and purple combination.” Aiba commented as they all stared at the new comer.

“It’s heavily tinted. I can’t see the driver.” Adachi commented, squinting his eyes to get a good view of the driver.

“It’s going to start now.” Someone called from the group as they followed with their eyes one of the referee stand and walk to the sideline to blow the whistle.


“I wonder who he is.” Kimeru asked behind the steering wheel while stealing a side glance to the car next to his. “His car is heavily tainted.”


The referee blew the whistle to signal the start of the race. Once the cars sped off, everyone cheered on loudly. On a sharp corner, everyone was already holding their breathes as the two cars continued to drift side by side, the black – purple car taking the side beside the cliff. On the next left turn, the purple cars’ rear wheel almost slipped from the road when it performed a sudden drift causing everyone to react, some even paled.

“That’s dangerous. Drifting suddenly.” Furukawa commented when they saw this.


After a few more minutes of extreme racing, the two cars halted to a stop at the finish line.

“It’s a tie!” The referee called out, ending the game that night.

Once the race ended, everyone gathered around Kimeru to congratulate him.

“Good game Kimeru!” Yanagi patted his best friend once he got off from the car. Kimeru just nodded and smiled at the group. His own men started pulling his car already to get it back to the ware house.

“But I wonder who your opponent is.” Minami stated, causing everyone to nod and turn to the other car. As if on cue, the door to the other car opened and the driver got off.

“Great game as usual from the prominent racer Kimeru.” Sandy smiled as she offered her hand for a shake once she approached the group.

“Thanks.” Kimeru shook hands with her. “But I wasn’t expecting this.”

“We’ve met a few times before but we still don’t know your name.” Moriyama said as they continued to stare at her.

“I’m sorry. My bad.” She apologized, and then smiled. “I’m Cassandra Ryuuzaki. But just call me Sandy.”

“Ryuuzaki? But you’re a foreigner right?” Takumi asked for the group.

“I am. But I am also half Japanese.” She explained with a smile. “Well, I need to go now; I still have something planned for tomorrow. Nice meeting you again.” After bowing to them, she got to her car and drove off.

“So that’s who she is.” Kazuki smiled to himself as he saw the car drove off.

“A good singer, tennis player and now racer. What else can she do?” Hamao mused to himself.

“Well, one things for sure.” Ueshima started, causing the group to turn to him.

“What’s it sensei?” Shirota asked.

“Someone is falling more and more for her with this additional knowledge about her.” Ueshima smirked. Some of the cast swallowed the lump on their throats, some coughed and some just averted their eyes.


The next day,


“A-re? He added me in Facebook?” She mused to herself while looking at the notification of her phone. “Also in Twitter?”

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